Wise Men Think Alike – Akbar and Birbal Story

Once Akbar heard that every man thinks differently. He asked Birbal whether it is true or not? Birbal said, “No, Your Majesty! In fact, wise men think alike.”

Akbar was interested to know more about and said, “Birbal, You will have to prove your saying.”

Wise Men Think Alike

The next day, Birbal asked all the attendants of the palace to empty the pond. Then he announced to the people in the city to pour a glass of milk in the pond during that night. He also informed Akbar on his act.

The next day morning, Akbar and Birbal went to the pond to see the pond was filled with water. Akbar was surprised and asked Birbal, “Why this pond is filled with water instead of milk?”

Birbal politely said, “Your Majesty! Everybody has deliberately poured a glass of water in the pond yesterday night. Because they think all others will pour milk and no one could find that they pour water in the pond.” That is why it is said that “Wise men think alike”.