Who Is the Glutton?

Akbar was very fond of eating tasty food. He often threw banquets for his courtiers in the garden of his palace. Akbar used to enjoy a variety of delicious dishes along with his courtiers. And of course, Birbal’s wit and humor, added to the joyous atmosphere during the banquets.

Once, at one such banquet, Birbal was seated next to Akbar. After the meal, bowls of dates were served to all. Both Akbar and Birbal went on eating the dates and they threw the seeds under their chairs.

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Soon there was a heap of date seeds under their chairs. Akbar saw the heaps and had an idea. He said to himself, “Let me make a fool of Birbal today. “Quietly, Akbar pushed his heap of seeds under Birbal’s chair with his foot. Birbal did not notice this act.

Suddenly, Akbar got up from his chair. With a surprised look on his face, he said loudly, “Oh! I cannot believe this ! Birbal, how could you eat so many dates? I never knew that you were such a glutton!”

All the courtiers heard this and looked at the big heap of seeds under Birbal’s chair. Birbal realized that Akbar had played a clever trick on him. But Birbal was equally clever. How could he allow the Emperor and the courtiers to ridicule him?

Who is the Glutton-2

He immediately said to Akbar, “Your Majesty, you are absolutely right. I am a glutton. It is true that I have eaten a lot of dates. But Your Majesty, you really surprise me! How could you eat the dates along with the seeds?”

Birbal requested the courtiers to look under Akbar’s chair. They did not see a single seed there. The courtiers could not control their laughter. Akbar was greatly embarrassed and could not hide his disappointment. Akbar had tried to play a trick on Birbal, but in the end, he himself became the butt of ridicule. Akbar was embarrassed. But Birbal was his favorite. So, he praised Birbal’s wit and everybody was happy.