Two Kittens, Monkey and a Pancake Moral Story

One day two kittens were playing in the backyard. They saw the lady in the house making some pancake. It smelled so good. The kittens went inside and stole one pancake while the lady was not looking. They came running outside and started to fight with each other who will eat the pancake.

A Money came that side and watched them fighting. It asked, “What is the problem? Let me help you both.”

Each kitten said, “I took this pancake so I want to eat it.” Monkey said, “You both took it. So you both have the share. Give it. I will help you to divide exactly into half.”

Two Kittens and the Pancake

Kittens gave pancake to the monkey. Monkey made the pancake into two pieces. It took the pieces in each hand and saw. “hmmm… this side is little bigger.” It took a piece of it and ate. “Let me check now. Hmmm… now the other side is little bigger”. It took a piece from that side and ate.

Likewise it did it few times. The kittens were watching it and then they realized that the money is making a fool of them and actually eating their pancake in front of their eyes. They both wanted the pancake back. Meanwhile the money had finished eating the pancake and climbed thee tree fast and went away.

The kittens sighed and said, “If we didn’t fight with each other, we would not have lost the pancake. Now neither of us got it.”