The Young Crab and His Mother Story

One day, a young crab and his mother were walking along the shore of the sea. The mother crab noticed that her son was walking sideways, instead of straight ahead like she did.

“Son, why do you walk like that?” she asked. “You should walk forward, not sideways. It is much more graceful and proper.”

“But mother, how can I walk forward?” the young crab said. “This is how you taught me to walk. This is how all crabs walk.”

The Young Crab and His Mother Story

The mother crab was surprised and embarrassed. She realized that she had been walking sideways all her life, and had never noticed it. She decided to try to walk forward, to set a good example for her son.

She lifted one claw and moved it forward, then lifted the other claw and moved it forward. But as soon as she did that, she lost her balance and fell on her back. She tried again and again, but every time she ended up on her back, or on her side, or in a twisted position.

The young crab watched his mother’s attempts with amusement. He saw that she was struggling and failing, while he was walking easily and comfortably.

“Mother, you see that it is impossible for us to walk forward,” he said. “We are crabs, and this is how we are made. We should be proud of our sideways walk, and not try to imitate others who are different from us.”

The mother crab sighed and gave up. She realized that her son was right, and that she had been foolish to criticize him. She decided to accept him as he was, and to love him for his unique way of walking.

They continued their walk along the shore, side by side, happy and content.