The Wolf in a Sheep’s Skin

Mr. Wolf was getting old. Finding something to eat was getting harder each day. One day driven by hunger he wandered towards the edge of the forest, his skin struck to his bones, his tongue hanging.

The Wolf in a Sheep's Skin

Then he saw a sight that made him swoon in delight. A herd of sheep lazily grazing at the grass. Mr. Wolf’s eyes were glazed with tears of joy.

It was not very long before he was tucking into a warm juicy meal. Yumm! Just as he was finishing he thought wistfully, “When i will get something like this to eat again, this easily?”

He knew from the past few months how hard hunting had been. Mr. Wolf sighed.

Suddenly, he saw the skin of the sheep he had peeled off and eaten. He had an idea. He put the skin on himself, and decided to join the herd.

The Wolf in a Sheep Skin-1

Rubbing shoulders with the sheep, as a part of the herd… what better way to take care of his feeding issues!

The brilliance of his plan astounded the wolf. He walked to the herd, dressed in sheepskin, his legs shaking with excitement. Sheep tend to keep their eyes trained to ground, looking for choicest grass to feed. So no one thought too much when one sheep ambled back into the group.

The Wolf in a Sheep Skin-2

That evening the farmer came to gather the sheep back and take them to the farm. He was tall, stout man, his eyes glinted and he had a fat stick in his hand. With loud sound he bunched the sheep together and counted them out.

Something about the man made Mr. Wolf fell terribly scared. Only the prospect of guaranteed meals and the tasty smell of sheep made him stay put.

The Wolf in a Sheep Skin-3

Everyday the greedy wolf made a meal of one sheep. He did this after sunset, after the sheep were rounded off and put in their pen. And everyday when the farmer let his sheep out for grazing, there was one sheep missing.

It puzzled the farmer to no end. Too many sheep missing! He examined the sheep. They all looked calm and healthy. In fact there was one sheep looking really very healthy. When Mr. Wolf felt the farmer’s gaze upon him, he was once again, flooded with the instinct to flee.

The Wolf in a Sheep Skin-4

But life had become rosy for Mr. Wolf. Easy food was available at arms’ length. He stayed. He was in Wolf Heaven.

When for a few days there always was one more sheep less, the farmer decided it was time to call his friend, a brave hunter, to come and solve his problem. There was a crafty wild animal out there eating his sheep!

The friend arrived and the farmer decided, it was time for a small feast. “I will get my biggest sheep and you cook up something wonderful,” he told his wife.

The Wolf in a Sheep Skin-5

He went into the sheep pen and scanned. It was easy to choose. One sheep was taller and fatter than the rest! When Mr. Wolf saw the farmer heading his way purposefully with a long, stout stick and a sharp knife, he dodged. But the farmer had done this before. It was not long before the farmer had Mr. Wolf under his arm and the sheep skin came off!

The Wolf in a Sheep Skin-6

Imagine the surprise of the farmer when he gazed into the eyes of a fat old wolf! Both yelped. In the sudden surprise of the moment, Mr. Wolf who had fed himself well for the past few days, ran away with speed that surprised even himself, but not before the farmer had used the stick in his hand to pound him well and truly.

The Wolf in a Sheep Skin-7

Mr. Wolf was never seen again in those parts.

Moral: No one can fool, all the people, all the time!