The Wolf and His Shadow Kids Story

One sunny afternoon, a wolf was walking through the forest, looking for something to eat. He came across a small stream, where he stopped to drink some water. As he bent his head, he saw his own reflection in the water. He was amazed by how big and strong he looked. He thought to himself, “I am the most powerful animal in this forest. No one can match me in strength or courage.”

He lifted his head and noticed his shadow on the ground. It was very long and large, stretching across the grass. The wolf felt even more proud of himself. He said, “Look at my shadow. It is bigger than any other animal’s. I am truly the king of this forest.”

The Wolf and His Shadow Kids Story

He decided to keep walking along the stream, admiring his shadow and his reflection. He did not pay attention to his surroundings, or to the sounds of the other animals. He was too busy praising himself and his appearance.

He did not notice a hunter hiding behind a tree, aiming his bow and arrow at him. He did not hear the twang of the bowstring, or the whistle of the arrow. He only felt a sharp pain in his chest, as the arrow pierced his heart. He fell to the ground, gasping for breath. He looked at his shadow and his reflection for the last time. He realized that they were useless and vain. He wished he had been more humble and careful. He said, “What a fool I was. I let my pride blind me. I ignored the real dangers and focused on the false ones. My shadow and my reflection did not make me great. They only made me a target.”

He closed his eyes and died. His shadow and his reflection faded away, along with his life.

Moral: Pride can be dangerous and lead to one’s downfall.