The Traveller and the Purse Story

One day, a traveller was walking along a dusty road when he saw something shiny on the ground. He picked it up and realized it was a purse full of gold coins. He was overjoyed and thanked his lucky stars for this unexpected fortune.

He decided to go to the nearest town and spend some of his money on food and clothes. He also thought of sharing his good news with his friends and family. He put the purse in his pocket and continued his journey.

However, he did not notice that a thief was hiding behind a bush and had seen him find the purse. The thief followed him quietly and waited for an opportunity to steal the purse from him.

The Traveller and the Purse Story

When the traveller reached a bridge over a river, the thief ran up to him and snatched the purse from his pocket. The traveller was shocked and tried to chase the thief, but it was too late. The thief had already crossed the bridge and disappeared into the woods.

The traveller was very sad and angry. He cursed himself for being so careless and foolish. He wished he had never found the purse in the first place. He realized that what he had gained in a moment, he had lost in another.

Moral: It is better to have little and keep it, than to have much and lose it.