The Tortoise and the Ducks Story for Kids

A tortoise was tired of living in his pond. He wanted to see the world and have some adventures. He asked two ducks who often visited his pond to help him. The ducks agreed to carry him in the air, but they warned him not to speak or he would fall.

The ducks held a stick in their beaks and the tortoise bit the middle of it. They flew up in the sky, carrying the tortoise with them. The tortoise was amazed by the sights he saw. He felt proud and happy.

As they flew over a town, some people saw them and laughed. They said, “Look at that silly tortoise! He thinks he can fly like a bird! How foolish he is!”

The Tortoise and the Ducks Story for Kids

The tortoise was angry and ashamed. He wanted to scold the people for mocking him. He forgot the ducks’ warning and opened his mouth to speak. As soon as he did, he let go of the stick and fell to the ground. He crashed on the hard pavement and died.

Moral: Do not try to be what you are not. And do not forget the advice of your friends.