The Story of Tenali Rama without Face

Tenali Rama was brought to the king’s court by the soldiers. The angry king asked explanation for misbehaving with Rajaguru, the last day. Rama did not want to tell that he took vengeance on the Rajaguru for his personal reasons. Hence, Rama kept his silence. Rajaguru requested king to award maximum punishment for Rama.

The king angrily told Rama that he should not show his face hereafter in the palace. If he was seen the king, he will be sentenced to death. Rama went away from the court with bowed head.

The next day, Rama came to the court before the king’s arrival. Though Rama was present, nobody could identify him. He closed his face with a pot having holes for eyes, nose and mouth. The entire court was laughing and playing with the concealed Rama. At that time that king came to the court hall and saw the people are filled with joy.

On seeing the king, all court officials kept silence. The king wanted to know the reason for the joy of the court hall. Rama with his potted face came before and bowed down. The king was able to guess that it was Rama. He asked Rama, how dare he is to enter the court hall despite the warning.

The Story of Tenali Rama without Face

Rama said that he had to attend the court daily but wanted to save his life also. That is why he concealed his face and attended the court. The king and others were unable to control their laugh.

The king excused Rama and advised him not to play with the respectable persons like Rajaguru, thereafter. Rama accepted king’s advice and removed the pot from his head.