The Story of a Mouse With Seven Tails

In a village, there lived a rich man in a very big house. The house had a huge storeroom with a large stock of food grains in it. One day, a mouse came into the storeroom. His mouth watered at the sight of the huge stock of food grains. He ran to call his wife. The wife, too, was thrilled. She had never seen such a large stock of food grains in her life. So, both of them decided to live in the storeroom.

The two mice started living in a hole behind a huge drum. After some time, the wife gave birth to four baby mice. One of the babies had seven tails. Another had two tails and the third had three tails. The fourth had only one tail. The two mice were puzzled. They did not understand why God had given them babies with so many tails.

Mouse with Seven Tails Story

Unfortunately, it so happened that one of the babies was taken away by a crow, another was taken away by an eagle and the third baby was eaten up by a cat. Now only the baby mouse with seven tails was left with his parents. Both the father and the mother took great care of this baby mouse with seven tails. When he grew up, they sent him to school.

The other mice were surprised to see such a strange mouse and they counted his tails, “One, two, three…seven. The mice made fun of the mouse with seven tails. They teased him, “The mouse with seven tails! The mouse with seven tails!”

Mouse Goes to School

In the evening, the mouse came home crying. He sobbed, “Mother, mother! All the mice in my school tease me. They call me ‘The mouse with seven tails’ !”

The mother consoled the mouse. She said, “Do not cry, my child.” She then took him to a tailor. She requested the tailor, “Dear tailor! Please cut one of these tails with your scissors.” The tailor cut off one of the mouse’s tails. The next day, the mouse went to school happily. Once again, all his friends counted his tails, “One, two, three … six. Ah! Our friend has six tails now!”

They started teasing him, “The mouse with six tails! The mouse with six tails!” That evening, too, the mouse came home crying. Once again, his mother took him to the tailor to get one of the tails cut. In this way, the mouse got one tail cut every day. At last, he had only one tail. That day, he went to school. But his friends started teasing him, “Six have gone, one remains! Six have gone, one remains!”

The poor mouse did not know what to do. He went home and told everything to his mother. She suggested, “Oh! Don’t worry. Go to the tailor right away and get the last tail cut. If you do not have any tail, what will your friends count?”

The mouse went to the tailor and got his only tail cut! The next day he went to school. His friends laughed at him. They began to sing, “O! Here comes the tailless mouse! O! The tailless mouse!” The mouse could not bear the teasing any longer. He threw his slate and chalk and returned home angrily. He declared, “Mother! I will never go to school again.”

Mouse Quits School