The Story of a Lucky Seed

One day a farmer was on his way to the market to sell a full bag of seeds carried on a cart. His cart bumped into a stone and a seed fell out of the bag on the road.

The Lucky Seed

“I wish I could, be safe underground,” thought the seed. Unexpectedly a passing buffalo pushed the seed into the ground!

“I am so thirsty. I need some water to help me grow,” thought the seed. Luckily it started raining!

The next day the seed had a green shoot. The sun came out and the shoot grew tall. Then a leaf appeared.

A hungry bird tried to pluck and eat the seed but the roots saved it.

Many years passed and the seed grew into a plant and then into a fine, strong tree.

A farmer, buffalo, hungry bird and a timely rain, now don’t you think that the seed was lucky to grow into a big tree?