The Story of a Greedy Monkey

Once upon a time, there lived a mischievous monkey outside a fruit farm in a village. The whole day, he jumps from trees to trees, plucking the ripe fruits and eat them. The orchard keeper tried all ways to trap the monkey, but he couldn’t.

One day, the monkey went out of the farm into the village. There he was excited to see the markets, the houses and the people. He entered into some houses and found his favorite eatables there. He sneaked some in his hands and ran away. By that evening, he had made the life difficult for the people of that village.

“This village is more fun than that farm. I will live here”, the monkey thought to himself.


Days went by and the monkey’s mischief grew each day. The people of that village were in terror, but they didn’t know how to get rid of this monkey. One day, a juggler came to that village.

The village people approached the juggler. “We want to get rid of that monkey. You should help us for that”, they said. The juggler replied, “Friends don’t worry. I will help you. Please get me some pots with very narrow necks”. Soon the village people gave him the jars that he asked for.

The Juggler took those jars and put some peanuts into them. Then he placed those jars near the place where the monkey stayed. The monkey saw the jars and curious to know what was inside them, he put his hand inside the jar. He could feel the peanuts inside the jars.

The monkey immediately put the other hand in another jar and grabbed hand full of peanuts. Since he was holding the nuts in the hands and the necks of the jar were very narrow, the monkey couldn’t take his hand out. He was very greedy, so he didn’t want to drop the nuts.

Soon the juggler and few men ran to that place. Poor monkey couldn’t run faster with those jars. He was caught by them and was later sold to a zoo.

Thus the mischievous monkey was trapped because of his greediness.

Moral: As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering.