The Stolen Brinjal – Tenali Rama Story

One day the king Krishnadevaraya was chit chatting with Tenali Rama standing near the garden. In the garden, brinjal was grown on a large scale. The king liked the brinjal very much and hence the best variety of brinjal was grown in the palace garden. The king asked Rama whether he had tasted the brinjal of that garden at any time in this like. Rama replied in negative. The king told about the super taste of the brinjal and if it is not added in the king’s food, it would be an in incomplete diet for him.

Rama wanted to taste the royal brinjal at any cost. He went home and told his wife about the taste of the brinjal. She also wanted to taste the brinjal and told her husband to bring them from the palace garden. Tenali Rama decided to steal the brinjals and taste at least once in his life. On that night, he went to the palace garden to stole some brinjals and brought to this house.

The Stolen Brinjal - Tenali Rama Story

His wife Kamala prepared food and sauce with the stolen beinjals. Rama urged his wife to serve the brinjal items. She wanted her son also to taste the brinjal food. Rama cautioned her that their son need not know about this. If it was known to him, he would reveal the truth to the king and we would be punished by the king severely for the theft. Kamala did not accept the words of Rama. She awoke her son. Rama forethought things and did some precautions. He called his son and wife to the backyard and poured water on them heavily.

Then Rama advised them not to stand on the rain and enter inside the house. Rama’s son who was half awaken believed the words of Rama and went inside the house with his mother. After changing their dress, they sat for their night meal. Items made out of palace brinjal were excellent in taste and they ate very well.

Tenali Rama and Family Eat Brinjal

The next day, servants of the king informed about the theft of the brinjals. The king thought for a while. Nobody dare to enter the garden only for stealing brinjals. Then it should be the deed of Rama only. The king could not attribute the theft on Rama without proof. He consulted his ministers, the way for finding the thief.

The ministers advised king that they could easily found out, if the theft was made by Rama. They could bring his son and ask about their menu in previous day food. If brinjal was in the menu, they could easily catch Rama through his son’s word. His son was a small boy and he would not lie. The king agreed for this and called for the son of Rama. The son was brought to the palace by the servants and king asked for their menu in previous day food.

The son said that the previous day they ate brinjal curry and sauce and the brinjal items were very tasty. With this witness, king ordered to bring Rama to the palace. Rama expected this and went to the king. The king accused Rama for the theft of the brinjals and showed the witness, his son. Rama said, “Respected king, yesterday you told me about the special taste of the brinjals. I told the same to my wife and at that time my son was also hearing it. Now, he is giving evidence from this dream and his words are not true.”

The Stolen Brinjal 1 - Tenali Rama Story

The king told Rama to justify his statement. Rama called his son and asked what happened the previous day. The son told that they three ate meal with brinjal curry and sauce. The brinjal items were very taste. Then Rama asked him what more else happened in the previous night. The son said that there was heavy rain last night before the food.

The king astonished to hear the words of Rama’s son as there was no rain in the previous night. Due to this fact, Rama told the king that his son’s statement need not to be taken as an evidence. The king could not find fault with Rama and his son, though he knew very well the theft was made by Rama. He appreciated Rama for his ability in using his wisdom in each and every thing.