The Sheep and the Pig Story

One day, a sheep and a pig were grazing together in a farm. The sheep was very proud of her wool, which was soft and white. The pig was envious of the sheep’s beauty, and thought that her own skin was coarse and dirty.

The pig decided to make fun of the sheep, and said, “You are so foolish, sheep. You let the farmer shear your wool every year, and then you have to endure the cold and the rain. I am much smarter than you. I keep my skin to myself, and I am always warm and comfortable.”

The Sheep and the Pig Story

The sheep replied, “You are mistaken, pig. The farmer does not shear my wool for his own benefit, but for mine. He makes clothes and blankets from my wool, and he gives me some of them to wear. He also takes good care of me, and feeds me well. You, on the other hand, are only fattening yourself for the slaughter. When the time comes, you will lose not only your skin, but your life as well.”

The pig realized that the sheep was right, and felt ashamed of her words. She wished that she had been more humble and grateful, and not so vain and greedy.

Moral: We should be content with what we have, and not envy others for their possessions.