The Sage and The Rat
The Sage and The Rat

The Sage and The Rat

A Sage was performing penance on the banks of a river. At that time an eagle was carrying a female rat in its legs. The rat tried to escape from the eagle, and however got escaped and fell on the lap of the sage. The sage saw the rat on his lap and gave asylum to it.

Sage and Rat

The sage converted the rat into a beautiful girl by his power and wanted to perform her marriage. The sage bought Sun god and asked the girl whether she would marry him. She rejected, telling that his heat waves did not impress her. The sage asked the Sun, who would be greater than him. The Sun god told that the Clouds would cover the sun fully and hence the Clouds would be greater than him.

The safe called for the Clouds god and asked the girl to marry him. The girl did not like the Clouds god since it was black in color. The Clouds told the sage that that Air would be preferable because they would make him scatter always.

The sage called for Air god and told the girl to marry him. She refused to marry a figureless person. The Air said that the Mountain god would be preferable since the Mountain would stop its movement.

The sage invited the Mountain and asked the girl’s opinion. She didn’t like the Mountain also for his very big size. The mountain said that the Rat would be preferable because the Rats have the capacity to create pits inside the Mountain for its stay.

The sage brought a Rat and asked the girl about her marriage with the Rat. The girl felt shy and ready to marry the Rat. She requested the sage to convert her into a Rat and she could marry the Rat and live happily.

The sage wondered. The girl was not ready to marry great persons like Sun, Air, Mountain, etc. but liked a Rat. He converted the girl into her original form of Rat and both rats run away jointly.


Birds of the same feather flock together.