The Owl and the Grasshopper Story

One summer night, a grasshopper was singing happily in a field. He enjoyed the warm breeze and the bright stars. He did not care about anything else in the world.

But his song disturbed a nearby owl, who was trying to sleep. The owl was a wise and solemn bird, who only came out at night to hunt. He did not like the grasshopper’s cheerful and careless attitude.

The owl decided to teach the grasshopper a lesson. He flew over to the field and said to the grasshopper, “Why are you making such a noise? Don’t you know that I need to rest? Stop your singing at once, or I will eat you up!”

The Owl and the Grasshopper Story
The Owl and the Grasshopper Story

The grasshopper was not afraid of the owl. He said, “Why should I stop my singing? This is my field, and this is my time. I have the right to express myself as I please. You are the one who should go away, or I will annoy you even more!”

The owl was furious. He said, “You are a foolish and impudent insect. You do not respect your elders or your betters. You waste your time and energy on trivial things. You do not prepare for the winter or the dangers that lie ahead. You will soon regret your words and your actions. I warn you for the last time: stop your singing, or you will face the consequences!”

The grasshopper laughed. He said, “You are a boring and arrogant bird. You do not enjoy the beauty or the joy of life. You hide in the dark and prey on the weak. You do not care for anyone but yourself. You will never understand me or my music. I defy you and your threats: I will sing louder and longer, and you will not stop me!”

The owl had enough. He said, “You have sealed your fate, grasshopper. You have chosen to be my enemy, and you will pay the price. I will not waste any more words on you. I will use my actions instead. Prepare to meet your doom, grasshopper. This is the end of your song!”

The owl swooped down on the grasshopper, who was still singing. He caught him in his sharp talons, and carried him away. The grasshopper realized too late that he had made a mistake. He cried out for mercy, but it was no use. The owl ate him up, and then went back to his tree. He slept peacefully, and did not hear any more songs that night.

Moral: Do not provoke those who are stronger than you, or you may suffer the consequences.