The Oak and the Reeds Story

On the side of a river grew a tall oak tree. It stood with its roots firmly in the ground, and its head high in the air. It said to itself, “How strong i am! Nothing can make me bow. I am taller and stronger than any other trees.”

The Oak and the Reed

But one day there was a storm. The strong wind came and struck the proud oak. The tree fell into the river. As the water carried it away, it passed by a thin reed that grew on the riverside.

The Oak and the Reed

The little reed stood up tall and looked at the poor broken tree. “Hello reed,” said the tree, “Why didn’t you break when the wind came? You are so little and weak.”

“Oh, poor tree,” said the reed, “I bent and moved until the wind had passed. It must go where it is sent, but it will not hurt those who are not proud.”


Moral: Sometimes you have to bend low to succeed.