The Ninth Statue Arabian Nights Story for Kids

Long time ago there lived a sultan, called Mustafa. He ruled over Nashra and Persia countries. He was very intelligent and the citizens of Nashra were living peacefully under his affectionate reign.

Ninth Statue Story

He was also very affectionate with this wife and love her so much. As he was a king, he had enormous wealth. Yet he had a problem that he had no child. He was aware that without any descendant his country would be captured by enemies after his period. However, after some years he had a male child called Jahir.

With time passing, Jahir became a handsome young man. Mustafa was happy for having a right and meritorious heir for his country. One day king Mustafa suddenly died because of ill health and Jahir was sworn as a king of Nashra. He ruled his country efficiently adding pride to his father.

One night when Jahir was sleeping deeply, he dreamt a strange dream. His father appeared in his dream and said to him, “Dear son, dig my tomb. There is an important and a rare thing which you ought to have,” and then his father disappeared.

In the morning when Jahir woke up from sleep the dream came to his mind. he was perplexed as he did not know what his father actually meant in the dream. He believed that the matter that his father told in the dream must be a fact, though it was a dream. Immediately he visited his mother and told her, “Dear mother, I dreamt a strange dream last night. My father appeared in the dream and ordered me to dig his tomb. And he said that there is an important thing for me to have.”

His mother was afraid of deterioration to the country if the tomb was excavated. But Jahir firmly decided to excavate the tomb of his father and find what there was for him. So, Jahir Went to his father’s tomb and excavated it. He was surprised to see a staircase going down. Jahir was frightened to go down through the staircase but his aspirations urged him to go down.

So, he stepped down through the staircase. At the end of the steps the way was dark. with great difficulty, he walked through the dark path and reached a very large hall. The hall was bright with the light. He was stunned to see diamond sapphire emerald topaz and so many gems everywhere in the hall. They shone brightly and the hall was filled with the signing of the gems. Jahir understood that his father did not mean those gems.

So, he looked around the hall further and saw eight women statues in a place. They were made of pure gold and all the statues looked the same as though they were made from the same die.

The clothes that were put on the statues were sewed with the precious clothes and gems were too sewed on the clothes. Each statue had a long signing golden tipstaff in its hand. The hair was soft like silk and gold like. Jahir had never seen such a wonderful scene before. Suddenly he looked at the hands of the eighth statue and saw a leather scroll. Jahir pulled out the scroll from its hand.

It seemed to him as though it belonged to primitive period. He saw a message being written on it. it was, “There is one more statue that is the 9th statue in his country. It is more beautiful and precious than these eight statues.” Jahir decided to find the 9th statue about which was mentioned in the scroll. He expected that he would get an important message. Then he came out of the tomb.

When he reached the land from the tomb, he saw an old man standing there. He thought that the old man was waiting there only to meet him. As he expected, the old man approached him and said smilingly, “Jahir, I am happy to know that you have started to fulfill your father’s dream.”

But Jahir was perplexed on what the old man said. The old man gave him a mirror and said, “It is not an ordinary mirror. It will reflect the face of the woman who is the most beautiful and wonderful all. Bear it in mind that the girl whose face gets reflected is your wife.”

Jahir got the mirror from the old man and immediately asked him, “That’s alright, dear old man. But how can I find out the 9th statue?” “The girl whom I referred will help you in this matter,” replied the old man and disappeared. Jahir decided to act immediately and came round throughout the country. But all his efforts ended in failure. He met many girls but the mirror that the old man gave, did not reflect the face of any one of them. In due course he gradually lost his patience.

Ninth Statue Arabian Nights Story

One day when he was aimlessly walking along the street, he heard the voice of a girl from a house. He had never had such a honey like sweet voice in his lifetime. Without any hesitation he entered the house immediately. He was stunned to see a very beautiful lady who voiced sweetly. She was combing her golden hair with golden comb. She was very beautiful and attractive.

Jahir immediately came out of the house and went to the palace. He called a servant and ordered him to collect the complete details of the girl. From those detail, he came to know that the girl was the only daughter of a rich man of his country. Jahir went to the rich man and requested his permission to meet his daughter. The rich man was surprised to see the king asking for permission and consented to meet his daughter.

Ninth Statue Story

Then Jahir talked to the girl and came to know that she was not only beautiful but very genius too. He raised the mirror before her and saw her face getting reflected through it. He decided that she was his wife and took her to his mother. His mother gave him her consent and they got married. Jahir and his wife lived happily for years.