The Man and the Satyr

A man was walking through the forest on a cold winter day, when he met a satyr. The satyr was a creature with the upper body of a man and the lower body of a goat. He had horns on his head and a long beard.

“Hello, stranger,” the satyr said. “Where are you going?”

“I’m looking for a place to rest and warm myself,” the man said. “It’s freezing out here.”

“Come with me, then,” the satyr said. “I have a cozy cave nearby. You can share my fire and food.”

“Thank you, that’s very kind of you,” the man said.

The Man and the Satyr

They walked together to the satyr’s cave, where a fire was burning. The satyr offered the man some bread and cheese, and they sat down to eat.

The man noticed that his fingers were numb from the cold, so he blew on them to warm them up.

“What are you doing?” the satyr asked, surprised.

“I’m blowing on my fingers to make them warm,” the man said.

“That’s strange,” the satyr said. “But never mind. Here, have some soup. It’s hot and tasty.”

The satyr poured some soup into a bowl and handed it to the man. The man took a sip, but it was too hot for his mouth. He blew on the soup to cool it down.

“What are you doing now?” the satyr asked, even more surprised.

“I’m blowing on the soup to make it cool,” the man said.

“That’s absurd,” the satyr said. “You blow on your fingers to make them warm, and you blow on your soup to make it cool. How can you have such a double nature?”

The satyr was so disgusted by the man’s inconsistency that he got up and said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t be friends with someone who blows hot and cold with the same breath. You must leave my cave at once.”

The man realized that he had offended the satyr, and he felt ashamed. He gathered his belongings and left the cave, feeling colder than ever.

Moral: One should be consistent and honest in one’s words and actions.