The Lonely Deer Story for Kids

Once, on a tiny island near the sea, there lived a young deer, all by himself. He was very lonely as there was no one to play with him.

He didn’t even know how to get out of the island.

One day, a fish took pity on him and told the lonely deer to follow him to the big forest where there were many deers living happily.

The deer tried hard swimming to follow the fish and couldn’t. Next day, a swan tried to teach the deer how to fly but the deer soon gave up.

Sometime later, a big elephant passed by the island. “Come, climb on to my back, little deer. I will take you to the big forest,” said the elephant loudly.

Th Lonely Deer

He bent down and the deer hopped onto his back. “Wow, I will never be lonely again,” cried the deer in joy. Soon, the elephant and the deer became the very best of friends.