The Lion, Foxes and an Ox

A businessman went to the nearest city for doing business. He took his goods on the back of oxen. While he was going through a forest, one of the oxen fell sick and fell down. The businessman left the ox there itself and continued his journey to the city.

The ox named Sanjeevaka, gradually recovered from ill health. It started eating the grass and other greens in the forest and became strong in health. It roamed throughout the forest and made a big bellow.

The king of the forest was a lion named Pingala. It came to a lake for drinking water and heard the bellowing of the ox. It got frightened and went back without drinking water.

Two foxes named Karataka and Damanaka saw the lion returning back to its cave with fear. The foxes wanted to use the opportunity for their benefit.


The fox Damanaka met the lion and asked about its welfare. The lion Pingala replied that he heard a big roaring in the forest and feared that a new animal has entered into the forest. The lion also continued, “I decided to vacate the forest now!!!”

The fox convinced the lion and said, “I will help you by finding out the new animal entered into the forest”. It went away and returned shortly to the lion. The fox told the lion, “ The animal shouted in a big voice was an ox. I met the ox and told your leadership of this forest. Now the ox wants to meet you. Shall I bring him to you?”

The lion agreed to meet the ox and they quickly became good friends. Since the lion spent too much time with his new ox friend, the foxes didn’t get their food regularly. The foxes used to eat the remaining flesh of the dead animals killed by the lion king.

The fox Karataka found fault with his friend Damanaka for unnecessarily creating friendship between the lion and the ox. They discussed and agreed that Damanaka will use the method of divide and rule and kill the ox for their food.

The fox Damanaka met the lion separately and told that the ox has planned to kill the lion shortly and it is moving very closely on the name of friendship. The same fox met the ox lonely and told him that the lion has planned to kill the ox shortly and hence the lion is behaving like a friend.

On hearing the words of the fox, both lion and the ox started fighting. The lion killed the ox and friendship came to an end.

Moral: Do not believe the words of cunning people.