The Lion and the Ass

Once upon a time in the vastness of the animal kingdom, a Lion, the undisputed ruler of the savannah, decided to go hunting in tandem with an Ass. The Lion, with his might and power, knew that he could easily overtake any prey, but his intention was to use the Ass’s unique skills to his advantage.

The Lion’s plan was simple: the Ass would use its robust voice to bellow across the fields, sending the creatures of the grasslands into a panic. As the frightened animals fled in terror of the dreadful sound, the Lion would then pounce on the unsuspecting prey.

The Ass was elated at being asked by such a magnificent creature and readily agreed, eager to please the king of beasts. He took great pride in his role, and soon his loud brays echoed throughout the countryside. Just as the Lion had anticipated, the animals scattered in every direction. Amongst the chaos, the Lion leapt and caught a great feast of game.

The Lion and the Ass Story

After the hunt was over, the Lion commanded the Ass to divide the spoils. The Ass, naively proud of his contribution, divided the pile into equal shares, one for the Lion and one for himself. Observing this, the Lion could not contain his laughter—and his rage. “Oh, you foolish creature,” he growled. “Do you think I, the Lion, the king of beasts, would ever share my bounty equally with you?”

With his powerful paw, the Lion struck down the Ass, chastising the creature for even contemplating that he would be entitled to an equal portion of the prey. The Lion took everything for himself, leaving the Ass with nothing but the stark realisation of his own gullibility.

Thus, the Lion taught the Ass a harsh lesson: in the company of the mighty, it is wise to remember one’s place, for they will always claim the lion’s share.

Moral: Power and cunning often overshadow meekness and simplicity.