King Gives Golden Mangoes to Pandits

The King and the Golden Mangoes – Tenali Rama Story

King Krishnadevaraya was ruling the country in the best way. One day his mother felt ill. She was given the best medicines and hence she recovered to some extent. She wanted to eat mangoes and asked for it to the king. The king went inside the kitchen to bring mangoes, meanwhile she died. The king returned and was his mother dead. He could not control his grief and cremated the dead body according to royal rituals.

King's Mother Died

The king was always thinking the incident of mangoes that could not be eaten by his mother. He called pandits and explained how his mother died without eating mangoes. The king expressed his inability for not satisfying his mother at her last minutes. He requested remedy for the non-fulfillment of her last wish. The pandits wanted to use the situation to earn money from the king.

The pandits told, “Respected king, if the last desire of any person is not met with, they will not go to heaven. Their soul will be revolving in the earth. Only if the remedy is effected, the soul will reach heaven. The remedy is that you have to present golden mangoes with silver plates to 108 pandits, one each. This will send your mother’s soul to heaven.”

King Gives Golden Mangoes to Pandits

The king immediately prepared golden mangoes and distributed them with silver plates to 108 pandits. Tenali Rama came to know this. He knew that the pandits deceived the king and got gold and silver for their personal requirement. He wanted to teach them a lesson. The king was satisfied and thought that the soul of his mother would reach heaven certainly.

Tenali Rama went to the pandits and requested them to come to his house for getting the relief, as done by the king. He said that his mother also died without enjoying her last desire. Hence, he also wanted to render the remedy like the king. All 108 pandits promised to come to Rama’s house the next day.

The next day, as promised, all the pandits came to Rama’s house expecting another jackpot. Rama invited them and told them that he had kept the relief on the backyard of this house. they could go to the backyard one by one and receive it happily. The pandits went to the backyard one by one. Rama kept a burning iron rod with him ready and put a stroke with it on the back of each pandit. They started crying due to heat and went to the king to report about Tenali Rama.

They told the king the wicked deeds of Rama and requested the king to punish Rama severely. The king became angry and ordered his men to bring Rama to him immediately. Rama was brought in front of the king. The king angrily asked Rama for the reason why he burnt the pandits with a hot rod. Rama replied quietly, “Respected king, your mother dies without enjoying her last desire for mangoes. As advised by the pandits, you distributed golden mangoes and silver plates to 108 pandits. You did this only for the reason that your mother’s soul should go to heaven.

Similarly, i also wished that my mother’s soul should go to heaven. In her last days, she was affected by fits. I was advised to place a hot iron rod on the back of my mother as it will stop the fits immediately. I placed the iron rod on the hearth. Before i could bring the heated rod to my mother, she died. Unless it is compensated by means of a remedy by the pandits, she cannot reach heaven. Hence, i did like this.”

The king turned towards pandits and asked them how Rama could be punished in this case. The pandits could not tell anything. They went away quietly and the king advised Rama to avoid such cruel deeds in future.