The Jackal and the Turtle Story for Kids

Once there was a jackal living in the forest. The jackal was roaming in the forest for a long time but could not get any food. At last, it saw a turtle walking nearby a lake.

The Jackal and the Turtle

The jackal told the turtle, “My dear turtle, i know you will come by this way. That’s why i was waiting for your. Now, i am going to kill and eat you”.

The turtle said, “Mr. Jackal, do not cheat me, how do you know that i will come this way? You didn’t find any food and trying to makeup the situation”.

The jackal became angry and hold the turtle. It tried to break the shell of the turtle without any success. The shell of the turtle was so hard that the jackal couldn’t break it.

By realizing the situation, the turtle made an idea. It told the jackal, “Respected Jackal, please soak my shell in the water for sometime so that it will become soft. Later you can easily brake the shell and eat me”.

The jackal believed the words of the turtle and left the turtle in the lake. The turtle quickly swim into the center of the lake and said good bye to the jackal.

The Jackal and Turtle

Generally, jackal deceive other animals with its brain. However, the turtle fooled the jackal this time.

Moral: There will be always wise person than the wisest.