The Irresponsible Dogs Story for Kids
The Irresponsible Dogs Story for Kids

The Irresponsible Dogs Story for Kids

Many years ago, there lived a shepherd in a small village. He had a big flock of sheep and goats. The shepherd had two watch dogs to look after his animals. Whenever the shepherd took the sheep and the goats to graze in the fields, the dogs accompanied him. At night, when the shepherd locked up the animals in the fold and the dogs would guard the place.

One night, the shepherd was fast asleep. The sheep and the goats were locked up i the fold and the dogs were on the guard. At midnight, a wolf came near the fold. When he saw the fold was full of sheep and goats, his mouth began to water. He was tempted to kill and eat a few of them.

Meanwhile, the two dogs came out of the fold. The cunning wolf said to the dogs, “Friends, I have come here because I feel worried about you. You see, we belong to the same family. You serve the shepherd and have to keep awake all night to guard these animals. While we enjoy ourselves in the forest, you do your duty. This is not fair.”

Wolf Talk with Dogs

One of the dogs said, “But, we enjoy our work here.” The wolf said, “We are free to roam anywhere we like in the forest. We keep awake as long as we can and go to sleep as soon as we are tired. If you come with me to the forest, all the other wolves will be happy and they will welcome you warmly.”

The wolf succeeded in his plan to lure the dogs away to the freedom of the forest. The dogs agreed to go with the wolf. The cunning wolf took the dogs to his cave in the forest. There were many other wolves in that cave. They all pounced on the dogs and killed them.

Wolves Killed Dogs

After some time, the wolf returned to the fold and entered inside. He killed a couple of goats and had a hearty meal.

Moral: One should do the duty faithfully.