The House Dog and the Forest Fox – Tale of Freedom

Once lived an old fox in the forest. It came to the edge of forest in search of food. The fox found a meaty dog roaming around. It pounced on the dog, but the dog escaped smartly.

Instead of running away, the dog asked fox, “Why did you come out of the forest for hunting?” The fox told, “I became old and could not hunt any animals there and came here.”

Dog was pity on the fox and said, “Come with me, I will show you a way to get 3 times food a day.” Fox was surprised and agreed to go with the dog.

The House Dog and the Forest Fox

The dog took the fox and went to its house nearby. When reaching the house, fox found a chain was hanging on the door. It also noticed a scar around the dog’s neck and asked the dog about it.

The dog told, “Oh! It’s nothing. It’s a scar from the chain.”

Fox replied, “So, you were tied up with the chain in this house?”

Dog said, “Yes, the owner ties up in the night and I need to protect him and the house properties from thieves. For that he gives me good food three times and also allows me to wander sometimes in the woods.”

Dog continued, “I will take you to my owner, sure he will love you.”

Fox was surprised to know the dog was tied up with the chain for food, but it is still very happy. It said to the dog, “Oh! My dear dog, I will die in forest without food instead of tied up with the chain. Freedom is important to me than food.”

The fox ran away inside the forest and started living happily.

Moral: Freedom is important than comfort.