The Horse and a Wolf

A horse was eating grass happily on a field. A hungry wolf was watching the horse for long time planning to trick. The wolf was giving time to horse for eating full so that it can’t run faster when attacked.

The horse didn’t notice the wolf and eating the grass. After a while, it turned other side for eating and found the wolf was watching from an attacking distance.

The Horse and the Wolf

The horse realized, it couldn’t run faster due to heavy food in the stomach. It was thinking of a plan to escape from the wolf. It suddenly started to limp on the field.

The wolf came nearer to the horse and asked why it was limping. The horse told that some thorns had pricked its hoof and it couldn’t walk normally. It asked the wolf to help to remove the thorns.

The wolf thought of attacking the horse while pulling the thorn and asked the horse to show its leg. The horse lifted its leg and kicked the wolf heavily and started running immediately.

The wolf fell down long away and couldn’t run to catch the horse. The horse thus escaped from the death.

Moral: Timely thought save a lot.