The Heron

Once upon a time, there was a heron who lived near a pond. He was very proud of his long neck and slender legs, and he thought he was better than all the other birds. He refused to eat the fish that swam in the pond, saying they were too common and vulgar for his refined taste. He only wanted to eat the most rare and exotic fish that he could find.

The Heron Story

One day, he saw a large and shiny fish jumping out of the water. He thought it was a salmon, and he quickly flew towards it, hoping to catch it in his beak. But as he got closer, he realized that it was not a salmon, but a pike, a very fierce and sharp-toothed fish. The pike saw the heron coming, and he turned around and bit the heron’s neck, making him bleed and cry out in pain.

The heron managed to escape, but he was badly wounded. He regretted his foolish pride and wished he had been more humble and content with the fish that were available to him. He realized that being too picky and choosy can lead to trouble and misery. He learned his lesson, and from then on, he ate whatever fish he could find, and he was happy and healthy.

Moral: Be humble and grateful for what you have.