The Grasshopper and Owl

Once an owl was fast asleep in the hollow of a tree. A grasshopper came there, sat on a branch and started singing loudly. The owl could not bear the loud singing of the grasshopper. He came out of his hollow and requested the grasshopper, “My dear friend, your singing disturbs my sleep. Will you please stop singing? You may go somewhere else and sing.”

Owl and Grasshopper

The grasshopper said, “I never stopped you from sleeping. Why do you stop me from
singing? I will continue to sing today.” The grasshopper was in a fine mood to sing
that day. He knew that the owl would not be able to catch him because the owl could not see during the day. So the grasshopper continued his singing.

The owl thought, “This grasshopper appears to be a hard nut to crack! He will not listen to my request. I should think of some other way to teach him a lesson.”

As the grasshopper continued his singing, the owl said, “Dear grasshopper! I never knew you could sing so sweetly. Today, I feel that instead of wasting my time sleeping, I should sit awake here and listen to your sweet voice. I was under
the impression that only the cuckoo had a sweet voice. But I was wrong! Your voice is, indeed, the sweetest.”

The grasshopper was flattered by the praise. He said proudly, “Hey owl! At last, you have learnt to appreciate good music. Now listen to me carefully. Oh! Unfortunately, if my throat gets dry, there is no water here. But never mind. Today I will sing specially for you.”

The owl said, “I have never had the opportunity to listen to such a sweet song. I am
lucky that a great singer like you has come to my door to sing for me. And please do not worry. There is enough water in the hollow. After you finish singing, you may come here and drink water.”

The grasshopper started singing loudly. He sang until his throat became dry. When he finished singing, the owl said, “Please come here and drink some cool water. Your throat will feel better.”

The grasshopper flew into the hollow of the tree to drink water. The owl was waiting for this very moment. As soon as the grasshopper entered the hollow, the owl caught him in his beak and swallowed him. Then the owl went to sleep peacefully.

Owl Eats Grasshopper