The Frog and the Ox Story

A large frog, who was very vain, believed that he was the most handsome frog and wanted to grow even bigger. He often admired his reflection in a pond and swelling with pride would boast to his friends, “Look how big I am!”

There lived a beautiful ox in the same village walking on its way to the pond to drink water. On the way the frog saw the ox and was too impressed with the great ox, impressed to the point of envy.

“Look at this magnificent ox!” he called to all his friends, “He’s such a grand size for an animal, but he’s no greater than I am if I try.” The frog started puffing and swelled from his normal size.

The Frog and the Ox

“Am I as large as the wonderful ox?” he asked his friends. “No, no, not near as grand as the ox,” they replied. So, the frog puffed himself up more and more, trying to reach the state of the ox.

“Now? now?” asked the frog. “No, no. But please, don’t try anymore,” pleaded his friends. But the frog continues to puff and swell, larger and larger until he finally burst.

Moral: Be true to your own character.