The Frog and the Mouse

A frog and a mouse lived near a pond. They were friends, but the frog was always teasing the mouse about his small size and weak abilities. The mouse was tired of the frog’s jokes and wanted to prove himself.

One day, the mouse challenged the frog to a race across the pond. The frog agreed, thinking it would be an easy win. He said, “Let’s tie our tails together, so we don’t lose each other.” The mouse agreed, not knowing the frog’s plan.

They started the race, and the frog quickly jumped into the water. He pulled the mouse along, who struggled to keep his head above the surface. The frog laughed and said, “How do you like the water, my friend? Isn’t it fun to swim?”

The mouse gasped and said, “Please, stop, I can’t breathe. Let me go, let me go.”

The frog said, “No, no, you have to finish the race. Come on, don’t be a quitter.”

The mouse said, “Help, help, someone save me.”

A hawk flying above heard the mouse’s cry. He saw the frog and the mouse in the water and thought, “What a tasty snack. A frog and a mouse, two for the price of one.”

The Frog and the Mouse Story
The Frog and the Mouse Story

He swooped down and grabbed the frog and the mouse with his claws. He said, “Thank you, frog, for catching me a mouse. And thank you, mouse, for being so foolish. You both made my day.”

He flew away with the frog and the mouse, who regretted their pride and envy. They realized too late that they should have been happy with themselves and respected each other.

Moral: Those who seek to harm others often come to harm themselves through their own deceit.