The Fox and the Woodcutter

Some hunters were chasing a fox. The fox saw a woodcutter and asked him for help. “Please hide me, kind woodcutter,” the fox said. The woodcutter told the fox to go into his house.

Soon the hunters came. They asked the woodcutter, “Did you see a fox?” The woodcutter said, “No,” but pointed to his house. The hunters didn’t know why the woodcutter pointed and they went away.

The Fox and the Woodcutter

After a while the fox came out of the house. The fox did not say “Thank you.” The woodcutter got angry at the fox and asked “Why don’t you say thank you?”

“I wanted to thank you,” the fox said. “But i saw you signal to the hunters. You words did not match your actions.”

Moral: You should act and speak the same – kindly.