The Fox and the Goat Story

One hot summer day, a thirsty fox wandered into a farmer’s field. He saw a well with a bucket hanging from a rope. He ran towards it and looked inside. He was delighted to see some water at the bottom of the well. He jumped into the bucket and let it take him down to the water. He drank his fill and felt very refreshed. But then he realized that he had no way to get out of the well. The bucket was too heavy for him to lift, and the walls of the well were too slippery for him to climb. He began to panic and curse his own foolishness.

Meanwhile, a goat came along and saw the well. He was also very thirsty and wanted to drink some water. He peered into the well and saw the fox. He asked him what he was doing there.

The fox, who was a cunning animal, quickly thought of a plan to escape. He said to the goat, “I came here to drink this delicious water. It is the best water I have ever tasted. You should try some too. There is plenty for both of us.”

The goat, who was very naive and gullible, believed the fox. He said, “How can I get down there?”

The fox said, “It’s easy. Just jump into the bucket and it will take you down. Then you can drink as much as you want.”

The goat did as the fox said. He jumped into the bucket and it started to go down. As it did, the bucket with the fox in it started to go up. The fox was overjoyed. He reached the top of the well and jumped out. He said to the goat, “Thank you, my friend, for saving me. You are very kind and generous. But I must warn you, this well belongs to a farmer who is very cruel and greedy. He will not let you out. He will either kill you or sell you to someone else. You should have been more careful and not trusted strangers. Goodbye and good luck.”

Fox and Goat Story

The fox ran away, leaving the goat alone in the well. The goat realized that he had been tricked and regretted his stupidity. He began to cry and bleat, hoping that someone would hear him and help him. But no one came. He was doomed to die in the well.

Moral: One should not be too credulous and trust the words of strangers without thinking.