The Foolish Wolf and Lion’s Illness Story for Kids

The lion was the king of the jungle and all the animals were afraid of him. One day, the lion fell ill. All the animals, except the fox, came to see him. When the wolf came to know about this, he said to the lion, “O Mighty Lion, you are the King of the jungle. All the animals came to see you during your illness, but the fox has not yet shown his face.”

Ill Lion

The lion became furious. Now it so happened that a cat overheard the conversation between the lion and the wolf. She immediately went to the fox and said, “Hey friend,
you should be careful now. The wolf has turned the lion against you. The lion is very angry with you because you did not go to see him during his illness.”

The fox went to the wolf at once. After talking to him for some time, the fox said, “Friend, I have heard that the lion is ill. But I could not go to see him. Shall we go together today and inquire after the lion?”

The wolf gladly agreed to go with the fox. When they reached the lion’s den, the lion saw them and he roared angrily. The wolf thought, “The lion is furious with the fox. This is going to be good fun.”

The fox said to the lion, “O King! When I heard about your illness, I went immediately to get some medicine for you. But I could not get it anywhere. I went to Dr Camel, Dr Leopard and Dr Elephant. They all have prescribed the same medicine.”

“What is that?” asked the lion.

“They have advised that you must drink the fresh blood of a wolf. Then you will be cured very soon. There is no other remedy for the illness,” replied the fox and continued, “And, as you see, the wolf is present right here.”

The wolf began to tremble with fear. He is sure that he is going to die. The lion roared, “Is that the only remedy? In that case, I will take the prescribed medicine right now.” Saying this, the lion pounced on the wolf and killed him.

Lion Kills Wolf

The fox looked at the dead wolf and smiled triumphantly. He bade goodbye to the lion and left.