The Farmer and the Stork Kids Story

A farmer was sowing his field with wheat seeds. He wanted to protect his crops from the birds that would come and eat them. So, he set up a net around his field, and hid behind a tree to watch.

Soon, a flock of cranes flew over the field, and saw the shiny seeds on the ground. They did not notice the net, and swooped down to feast on the wheat. The farmer was delighted, and pulled the net over the cranes, trapping them all.

Among the cranes, there was a stork, who had joined them by mistake. He was not interested in the wheat, but in the frogs and fish that lived in the nearby pond. He begged the farmer to spare him, and said, “Please, sir, I am not a crane, but a stork. I am a harmless and friendly bird, and I have never harmed your crops. Look at my long beak and my black and white feathers. You can see that I am different from these greedy cranes.”

The Farmer and the Stork Aesop Story

The farmer looked at the stork, and said, “You may be a stork, but you have been caught with the cranes. You have chosen the wrong company, and you must share their fate.” And he killed the stork along with the cranes.

Moral: Do not associate with bad company, or you will suffer the consequences.