The Eagle and the Jackdaw Story

A jackdaw was very envious of the eagle, who was the king of the birds. He wanted to be as powerful and majestic as the eagle, and he thought that if he imitated the eagle’s actions, he would be respected by everyone.

The Eagle and the Jackdaw Story

One day, he saw an eagle swoop down from a high cliff and catch a lamb in his talons. The jackdaw was amazed by the eagle’s strength and courage, and he decided to do the same thing. He flew to the top of the cliff and looked for a lamb to snatch.

He spotted a lamb grazing near the edge of the cliff, and he dived down with a loud cry. But he did not have the skill or the speed of the eagle, and he only managed to get his claws tangled in the lamb’s wool. He tried to free himself, but he could not. He was stuck.

The shepherd, who was watching over the flock, heard the jackdaw’s cry and came running. He saw the jackdaw flapping his wings in vain, and he laughed at his foolishness. He grabbed the jackdaw and clipped his wings. Then he took him home and gave him to his children as a toy.

The jackdaw realized his mistake too late. He had tried to be something he was not, and he had lost his freedom and dignity. He wished he had been content with his own nature, and he learned a hard lesson.

Moral: It is better to be yourself than to pretend to be someone else.