The Eagle and the Beetle Aesop Story

There was once a beetle who had a nest under a tree. He was very happy and peaceful there, until one day, an eagle came and built his nest on the same tree. The eagle was very cruel and greedy, and he often snatched the beetle’s food and threatened to eat him.

The beetle was very afraid of the eagle, but he did not want to leave his home. He decided to ask the eagle to be more kind and respectful, and to share the tree with him. He flew up to the eagle’s nest and said, “Please, Mr. Eagle, can we live in harmony on this tree? You are so big and strong, and I am so small and weak. You have plenty of food, and I have very little. Why do you have to bully me and take away my food? Can’t we be friends?”

The eagle laughed at the beetle’s words and said, “You are a foolish and insignificant creature. You have no right to talk to me or to live on this tree. You are nothing but a nuisance and a snack for me. Go away, or I will crush you with my claws.”

The Eagle and the Beetle Aesop Story
The Eagle and the Beetle Aesop Story

The beetle was very hurt and angry by the eagle’s words. He realized that the eagle would never listen to reason or compassion. He decided to take revenge on the eagle and teach him a lesson. He waited until the eagle was away, and then he crawled into his nest and rolled his eggs out of it. The eggs fell to the ground and broke, and the eagle’s babies died.

When the eagle came back, he saw the broken eggs and the dead babies. He was very sad and furious. He looked around and saw the beetle flying away. He realized that the beetle had done this to him, and he swore to catch him and kill him.

But the beetle was very clever and fast. He hid under the dung of a cow, and the eagle could not find him. The eagle searched everywhere, but he could not see the beetle. He gave up and flew away, feeling very ashamed and defeated.

The beetle was very proud and happy. He had avenged himself and his food, and he had shown the eagle that he was not a weak and helpless creature. He had taught the eagle a valuable lesson: that even the smallest and humblest animal can overcome the biggest and fiercest one, if he has courage and cunning.

Moral: You should not underestimate or mistreat anyone, because they might surprise you and harm you.