The Doves and the Hunter

In a forest, a hunter spread the net below the tree where doves were living. He sprinkled the grains over the net for catching the birds. A group of doves flying on saw the grains and wanted to eat. They came down, sat on the net and got encaged.

The hunter was very happy to see this and run fast to catch those doves. In the meanwhile, the king of the doves told the group that they can escape from the clutches, if they start fly amass with the net immediately.


All the doves started flying high in amass along with the net. The hunter could not catch the doves and got disappointed.


The doves got down in a place and the king dove called his friend rats. The rats came and cut the net and set the birds free.


Moral: Listen to the leader and work together as a team to escape from the danger.