The Donkey and a Sculptor Story

There lived a sculptor along with his donkey in a village. The sculptor used to carve beautiful idols of gods and goddesses. One day a rich man came to the sculptor and ordered to make him a beautiful goddess idol.

The sculptor made a goddess idol and had to take that idol of a goddess to a rich man. He mounted the idol on a donkey and started towards rich man’s house

As they walked along, people started to admire the idol. Some people stopped the donkey to admire the idol and some bowed in respect for the goddess. The foolish donkey thought that people were admiring him.

The Donkey and a Sculptor

The donkey stopped half way through and began to bray loudly. The sculptor tried gentle words and actions to pacify the donkey. But, the donkey did not move. At last, the sculptor took a hard stick and thrashed the donkey. It came back to his senses and started walking on humbly.

Moral: Realize who you are before behaving or else you will be beaten to be realized.