The Cunning Fox Story for Kids

A farmer once reaped a rich harvest from his fertile plot of land. Learning about the good crop, many rats came to the field to feed themselves. Besides, a fox also began coming to the field to kill and the rats. Whenever the rats saw the fox, they would run and hide in their holes. The disappointed fox would then return to the forest. One day, the fox said to himself, “Now i should think of a plan so that the rat themselves start coming to me.”

The fox had a brilliant idea. He carried a prayer beads in his hand and then went to the field. He closed his eyes and pretended to meditate. The rats saw the fox from a distance, but they did not come out of their holes. One of rats was quite a simpleton. Slowly, he crept out of his hole and watched the fox. He thought, “Oh! This fox looks like a saint.” The rat gathered some courage and went near the fox quietly and cautiously. When the fox came to know that a rat was coming closer, he closed his eyes and started counting the prayer beads quickly with his fingers.

Fox Acts as Saint

The rat was no longer frightened of the fox. So, he went to the fox and said, “Dear fox, what are you doing?” The fox opened his eyes and said, Friend, i am doing a severe penance. I am fasting and chanting the name of the Almighty.” The innocent rat was carried away by the words of the cunning fox. He believed in what the fox said. The rat thought that he would benefit by seeing such a pious soul every day! He returned to his hols and told the other rats about the pious fox. He suggested, “We should join the pious fox and worship god every day.”

From that day, all the rats started going to the fox. Together, they offered their prayers to god. After the prayers, when the rats returned to their holes, the fox would pounce on the last couple of rats and eat them up. He killed his prey so swiftly and quietly that none of the other rats ever knew anything about his cunning plan.

Rat Killed Fox

Days passed by and the number of rats started decreasing. Now, it dawned upon a wise rat that every day, after the prayers, the fox killed a couple of rats. He realized that the fox was only pretending to be a saint. The next day, after the prayers, the rats were returning to their holes. The wise rat stayed back and hid himself to keep a watch over the fox and his movements. As usual, the fox pounced on the last couple of rats. At once, the clever rat jumped up, caught the fox by his throat and killed him.

Moral: You can’t cheat everyone everyday!!!