The Crows and the Owls

A colony of crows were living happily in a tree for a long time. There was a cave near the tree where a colony of owls were living. There were frequent fights between owls and crows and the owls started killing the crows one by one.

The king crow called for a meeting to discuss how to escape from the owl’s attack. The minister crow told an idea that they can’t attack the owls directly. They can only handle them by false friendship with the owls.


The minister crow said, “All of you make a quarrel with me and throw me down from the tree. After this all of you fly away and when the owls come i will manage the situation to make friendship with them”.

The next day, as planned, the crows attacked the minister crow and throw him out of the tree and flew away. The owls came and asked for the reason to the minister crow.

The minister crow said, “I advised all the crows to make friendship with you. They don’t like the idea and attacked me like this. I would like to be your friend and don’t want to go with them. Please accept my friendship”.

The owls accepted the friendship from the minister crow. They offered him a job to stand at the entrance of the cave and protect them from enemies. The minister crow was waiting for a suitable situation to kill all the owls. Meanwhile it started collecting dried leaves nearer to the entrance of the cave.

One day when all owls were taking rest in the cave, the minister crow give signal to the king crow for bringing fire sticks through another crow flying on that way. The king crow and his colony came with burning sticks. They burnt the dried leaves at the entrance of owl’s cave.

All the owls inside the cave were dead since they can’t see during day time and fly out. Then the crows lived happily in the tree.

Moral: Don’t accept friendship request from unwanted people.