The Crow and the Snake

It was a thick forest and a crow was living in its nest on top of tree. Under the tree, a snake was also living in a pit. The crow once laid eggs and went out for searching food. When it returned to its nest, it found somebody ate all the eggs. The crow was very sad.

After a while, it laid eggs again. This time also somebody ate the eggs and crow felt very sad.

Third time, the crow laid eggs. This time it was watching the eggs carefully without going out to find out who was eating its eggs. After a while, the snake came out from the pit and ate all the eggs. The crow was requesting the snake to spare the eggs, however the snake didn’t listen.

The Crow and the Snake

The crow was crying alone and thought of moving away from that tree. Suddenly, it remembered its friend fox and thought of asking some help.

The fox told the crow, “Dear friend, go to the bathing pond of the princess of the country. She will remove her necklace before taking bath and keep it on the bank. At that time, pick up the necklace and drop it inside the snake’s pit under the tree”.

The crow was wondering in what way this could help. However, it decided to follow the idea of his clever fox friend. It went to the palace and brought the necklace when the princess takes bath. The servants saw the crow picking up the necklace and started chasing the crow.

The crow dropped the necklace in the snake’s pit as told by the fox. The servants started digging the pit and the snake came out of the pit. The servants immediately killed the snake with their sword. They took the necklace after destroying the pit.

The crow was very happy and thanked the fox for his clever idea. After sometime, it hatched her eggs and lived happily with her kids.

Moral: Friendship is proved in adversity.