The Cobra and the Ants Story for Kids

Once, there lived a king cobra in a small hole. When he was small he ate little creatures. As he grew up he began to eat eggs, lizard, frogs and rabbits. And when he grew up further he started to eat even other smaller snakes. His pride grew with him.

All small animals began to fear the king cobra. This boosted up his pride. He began to think, “Now, I am the most powerful creature. I am the king of the forest. All animals fear me. Let me move from this small hole to a bigger place”.

He searched for a place to suit his size and status. Finally, he came across a big tree. He selected the tree for his house. He saw an ant hill near the tree.

The Cobra and the Ants

He thought, “Why should there be an ugly ant hill near my royal house?” He hissed aloud “I am king Cobra, the king of the forest. I order the ants to vacate immediately”. There was no reply. He got wild and struck at the ant hill.

What a surprise! In minute thousands of ants swarmed up the king cobra, biting him everywhere. The king cobra could not bear the pain and ran away from that place.

Moral: First pride then the crash, the bigger the ego the harder the fall.