The Clever Donkey and Potter

A potter who lived in a small village had a donkey called Moti. Moti worked very hard the whole day. The potter put so much load on Moti’s back, that the poor donkey could hardly walk. When the potter did not need Moti, he would let him free to search for his own food.

Poor Moti! He wandered for hours together, but would not get anything to eat. Many a time, he would starve for the whole day. The potter thought that Moti was a foolish animal.

Donkey and Potter

Moti rightly felt that his master, the potter, was an ungrateful and selfish man. One day, it so happened that the potter heard a commotion while working on his wheel. He got up and saw that there was a fire in the haystacks in a nearby field. On inquiry, the potter came to know that some thieves had set the haystacks on fire. The people working in the field and the cattle started running helter-skelter.

The potter said to Moti, “If you don’t run away from here, the thieves will take you away. Moti did not listen to his master. He was in no hurry to run away. The potter was now sure that his donkey was a first-rate fool. In spite of being told to run away, he still stood there. The potter again said, “Hey Moti! You fool! Why don’t you run away? Those thieves will take you away.”

Moti said calmly, “Master, if I don’t run away, they will take me away, won’t they? What difference will it make to me? You put heavy loads on my back and so will they. When I am working for you, I have to wander in search of food. I will have to do the same, if I work for the thieves. Whether I am with you or with them, my life will be the same. So my running away will not make any difference to me.”

Clever Donkey

The potter was astonished to hear his donkey’s reply. He said to himself, “Wow! Even
a donkey can think and talk sensibly.