The Cat and the Hot Milk – Tenali Rama Story

Once, the menace of rats became a big problem for Vijayanagar. The people came to the king and reported about the rats and their atrocities. The rats ate the grains, destroyed the cloths, bit the children and ate the food items kept in the kitchen. The people required immediate relief from the rats.

The king Krishnadevaraya convened the ministry and wanted a relief for the rats menace. One minister told that they can distribute one cat to each house and ask the public to take care. The cats will kill rats and the rats menace would be nullified. The government would pay each family for taking care of the cat. The best cat would be given an award. All in the ministry accepted for this plan.

According to the plan, each house was supplied with a cat and also paid for it expenses. All persons carefully took care of the cat and the menace of the rats gradually decreased. Tenali Rama was also given a cat. One day he served very hot milk to the cat. The cat put its tongue on the milk and the tongue was scorched due to over heat of the milk. Thereafter the cat did not drink milk at all. The cat became lean and was counting its days.

Cat Drink Hot Milk

After 3 months, the rats menace came to nil. The king wanted to award the best cat. He ordered the people to bring their cats to the him for getting the award. All people brought their cat and showed it to the king and got appreciated.

All Cats are Healthy

The king told Rama to bring his cat. The cat was very weak and could not even stand. The king got wild and asked the reason for not taking care of the cat properly. Tenali Rama wanted to inform the position of the country to the king, that people could not get milk even for their daily routine. All the milk collected in the city was spent for the cats. Children also could not get the milk. He told the king that his cat refuse to drink milk and hence it became weak. The king ordered the physicians to test the cat. They found that the tongue of the cat was burnt. The king asked Rama why he did so.

At that time Rama explained the milk position of that country and the nonavailability of milk to the children. He requested the king to take the other factors also into an account while implementing a scheme. The king realized his mistake. He scolded his ministry for guiding him in a wrong way. The king appreciated Rama for his good intention for the welfare of the country and gave him gold coins as gift.