Story of a Bird with Two Heads

Once lived a great bird on the bank of a river with two heads. One day the bird was searching for his food on the bank of the river. He found a fruit, which was very delicious. One of his heads mumbled, “Oh! What a fruit. I am sure the god has sent it specially for me. I am so lucky.”

Hearing this, the second head said, “Oh! Brother, give it to me, let me also taste the delicious fruit.”

The first head laughed and said, “Both of us have the same stomach. It makes no difference whether I eat it or you eat it. I shall give it to our beloved. She will be very happy.” The first head thus gave the fruit to his wife. The second head was disappointed at this action of the first head.

The Bird with Two Heads

One day, the second head found a poisonous fruit and told the first head, “You treacherous fellow. For what you have done to me, I will eat this poisonous fruit and avenge your insult.” The second head said, “You fool, if you eat that, both of us will die because we have the same body.”

Ignoring his warning, the second head ate the poisonous fruit and both of them died.

Moral: Share only good things with others and sharing bad things will harm both you and others.