The Ass and the Lion’s Skin Story

One day, an Ass was wandering in the forest when he stumbled upon a Lion’s skin that a hunter had left behind. The Ass was curious and decided to try it on. He put the skin over his body and felt a surge of pride. He thought he looked like a mighty Lion and decided to have some fun with the other animals.

He went to a nearby thicket and hid himself among the bushes. He waited for some unsuspecting animals to pass by and then he jumped out at them. The animals were terrified and ran away as fast as they could. The Ass was delighted and amused by his prank. He felt like he was the king of the forest and no one could challenge him.

He continued to scare away different animals until he saw a fox approaching. He decided to give him a fright as well. He leaped out of the thicket and roared at the Fox. The Fox, however, was not fooled by the Ass’s disguise. He recognized his voice and his ears sticking out of the skin. He laughed at the Ass and said, “You might have scared me too, if you had not let out that silly bray. You are not a Lion, but a foolish Ass who is trying to be something he is not.”


The Ass realized his mistake and felt ashamed. He took off the Lion’s skin and ran away, hoping that no one else had seen him.

Moral: Pretending to be someone else may fool others for a while, but it will not change who you really are.