Tenali Rama and The Horse Story

King Krishnadevaraya convened the ministry one day in the court of hall. Hw wanted the people to take part in the security of the country. So, he need a plan from the ministry.

One minister told, “Respected King, let us supply one horse each for a person and give maintenance also for them. Let them rear the horse carefully. At times of need, they will come with their horse for saving our country from the enemies.” The king approved the plan and ordered to supply a horse each and its maintenance.

Tenali Rama Takes Horse

Tenali Rama was also given a horse with its maintenance. Rama brought the horse to his house. He did not want to spend for that horse. He built walls around the horse and left an opening in the wall for seeing and giving grass. Daily he used feed only dried grass to the horse. The horse could not get enough food and hence it became lean over period.

Tenali Rama Feeds Horse

All other persons fed their horses and make them fat and strong. After a month, the king ordered the people to bring their horses for inspection. They brought their horses and the king saw that all the horses were in a good condition.

Tenali Rama did not bring his horse for inspection. The king asked for the reason. Rama said that his horse was very stubborn and he could not bring it. He requested the king to send some soldiers for bringing the horse. The king sent his head of stable with some servants to bring the horse. The head of the stable was having a long beard. He went with Rama to his house and saw the horse through the hole.

The horse was very hungry and it mistook the beard for dried grass, and plucked it with its mouth. The stable head cried for help. The king’s servants cut the beard and saved the stable head. They returned to the king and said that the horse was very stubborn and they could not bring it.

Horse Bites Stable Head Beard

Then the king sent some soldiers to bring the horse. The soldiers broke the walls and saw the lean horse, and laughed at it. The horse could not even walk. They pulled and pushed from both sides and brought before the king.

On seeing the miserable condition of the horse, the king asked Rama why he did not feed the horse properly. Rama said that the horse, even at this stage, was very stubborn. It ate the beard of the stable head and even the soldiers could not bring it in usual manner. If it had been fed more than this, the horse could not be controlled by anybody.

King Laughs and Forgives Tenali Rama

The king lost his anger and started laughing on the words of Rama. He advised Rama not to do like that thereafter. Rama was happy as he was not punished by the king.