Tenali Rama and the Astrologer

Once upon a time, king Krishnadevaraya prepared his army to invade another city called Bijapur. The king of Bijapur heard about this invasion. He knew well that he could not win against the king Krishnadevaraya. So, he wanted to stop the war.

He finds out the Krishnadevaraya is a firm believer of astrology and wanted to deal with him using astrology. King of Bijapur selected one of the astrologer of his palace and sent him to Krishnadevaraya. The astrologer was paid to convince the king and stop the war.

The astrologer met the king Krishnadevaraya and analyzed his horoscope. He told the king, “Respected king, as per your horoscope, the movements of planets are not favorable at present. The chance of winning a war is remote. It is better to postpone the war for some time.”

Tenali Rama and the Astrologer

As the king already made full arrangement for the war, he got confused. The queen and other ministers were also afraid about the words of astrologer and advised king to postpone the war.

Tenali Rama was observing all the above silently. He could guess that the astrologer was not telling the truth.

Tenali Rama called the astrologer and asked, ” Whether your forecast will be true always. Whether you can tell the future of anybody through your astrology. If so then please tell me the proposed life span of yours.”

The astrologer replied, “Dear sir, my astrology will always be true. My life span according to my horoscope is 90 years.”

Rama suddenly took his sword and cut the head of the astrologer. He turned and told the king, “He is a lier. He is unable to forecast his own life span. He is supposed to live up to 90 years but died now.”

The king understand that the astrologer was from Bijapur and invaded Bijapur as per his plan. He won the war and praised Rama for his timely act.