Story of Three Fishes – Prevention is Better Than Cure

There were three fishes lived in a lake named Predict, Retort and dullhead. The three fishes are very good friends. It was a beautiful day and all 3 fishes were playing hide and seek.

They suddenly heard some people’s voice. Some fishermen were checking the lakes. One of them said “Hey! Look this lake has lot of fishes.” The other one said, “Yes. They are big too. We can sell them for good price. Let us come with our net tomorrow.”

They happily chatted and left that place. The Predict became anxious. It told the other 2 fishes, “We must hurry and leave this place”.

Story of Three Fishes

Retort said “but we lived here for the whole time. Where will we go?”

Predict said “We must leave or the fishermen will come, catch and kill us tomorrow. I will take my family and go search for a safer place. You both leave this place immediately” Predict went quickly to gather his family and prepare to leave.

Dullhead said, “Predict is reacting too much. We lived here forever. We never had an issue. The fishermen will not come tomorrow”.

Retort said “Well. Let us be careful. I will watch for them early morning. I will be prepared to leave with the family. You better be ready too.” Retort went to warn his family.

Predict bid goodbye to his friends and left the lake with his family. Retort got up early next day and started to watch for the fishermen voices. After some time, Dullhead came and laughed at the Retort. ‘Why do you panic? Have they come ever? They will not come too.”

Then they heard some noise. They saw the fisherman in a boat. Retort said, “Let us leave right now. Bye Dullhead. Take care”. Retort called his family and they quickly went in the opposite side of the fisherman’s boat and left the lake. Dullhead was laughing, “Both Predict and Retort are funny. They panic with no reason. I will miss them. But I won’t leave this lake.” It started to swim around.

The fishermen started to throw the fishnets and the Dullhead and his family was caught. Dullhead cried, “I should have listened to my friend’s advice. Predict was able to foresee the trouble and took action. Retort at least sensed the problem and reacted to safeguard. Since I didn’t take any actions, I and my family are dying.” Dullhead cried and died.

Moral: Prevention is better than cure.